VYCE Carbon Out-Front Computer Mount Holder

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Out-front mounts for popular cycling computers from the likes of Garmin and Wahoo have been all the rage since they were first introduced several years ago, and there are now plenty of options. Well, except if you want a carbon fiber mount.

This is certainly the best bike computer mount we have ever developed for standard aerodynamic integrated handlebars – including adapters for bicycle lights and GoPro.

The most important advantage of our computer mount is cleans up your cockpit, makes your computer easier to read and your bike even more aerodynamic.

Road conditions are often more complicated than we think. Riding on dirt or gravel roads itself could be hard enough to keep concentrated. Any chance to reduce some of the handlebar clutter and spread can make the computer easier to read and dramatically increase the safety level.
Another merit of putting everything together is better aerodynamic performance. You can save a few watts of power for a fraction of the money.

Our carbon computer mount is the “most adaptable cycling component ever created” … “a mount like no other”, a modular mounting system for GPS computers, cameras, and lights.

Thanks to the 4-lock holes every customer can choose their favorite GPS computer: Garmin, WAHOO GIANT, or BRYTON.

We provide a standard camera mount for Go Pro or other action cameras under the mount body, allowing you to vlog all-weather adventuring, extreme riding, and share with your friends.

We also provide a flashlight mount that is compatible with most flashlights. Needless to say, they are essential things to keep you safe when cycling at night or if visibility is poor, making lights a must-have during the winter and a smart addition to your bike even in the summer.

• Body Material: Toray Carbon Fiber
• Hardware: Aviation Grade 7075 Aluminum Alloy
• Interface: High Strength Injection Molded Nylon Plastic
• Weight: 34g
• Garmin Compatibility: Garmin Edge 130, 500, 510, 520, 530, 820, 830; not compatible with the Edge 1000 series, including the Edge 1030 and Edge Explore
• iGPSPORT Compatibility: iGPSPORT Series Bike Computers (iGS10 20 20plus 50E 60 618)
• Wahoo Compatibility: ELEMNT BOLT, ELEMNT MINI; not compatible with ELEMNT, ELEMNT ROAM
• Bryton Compatibility: Supports Bryton Rider Series Bike Computers (Rider10 310 330 530 410 )
• Giant Compatibility: Supports Giant Series Bike Computers
• Action Camera Compatibility: Cameras that support the GoPro camera mount and the same interface.
Flashlight Compatibility: Flashlights that do not exceed 25mm in diameter.