Shimano Tiagra ST-4700 2x10speed 20speed Dropbar Shifter Brake Lever Dual Control Mechanical Brakes

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Shimano Tiagra ST-4700 Dual Control levers feature reach adjust and an optical gear display in an ergonomic form that is compatible with 2×10 speed drivetrains. Designed to be more ergonomic and offer a comfortable feeling of leverage, which is further enhanced by the slim lever. With quick, accurate shifts with minimal rider effort, riders can now benefit from a professional-level performance at a more affordable price.

Shimano Tiagra 4700 now supports internal cable routing. This gives the clean and professional look normally reserved for higher-end groupsets. Great balance of performance and consistency. The range remains dependable and durable, requiring little maintenance.

Front derailleur: FD-4700, FD-RX400 ST-4700
Rear derailleur: RD-4700, RD-RX400ST-4700
For brake calipers: mechanical roadside pulls, CX cantilever, and mechanical road / CX discs

Lever type: Dual control lever, SLR-EV
Brake System: Mechanical
Shift system: Mechanical
Drivetrain speed: 2 x 10
Lever type: Dual control lever
Shifting lever outer casing (lever side): OT-SP41
Shifting lever outer casing (rear derailleur side ): OT-SP41 Sealed
Shift lever OPTISLICK cable: โœ”
Shift lever cable Included: โœ”
Brake lever clamp band (mm): 23.8 – 24.2
Brake lever reach adjust: Screw
Brake lever SLR-EV: โœ”
Shifting lever multi-bearing construction: 0
Shifting lever rear speeds: 10
Shifting lever front speeds: 2

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