Shimano Tiagra SL-4700-R 10speed Right Shifter

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The Shimano Tiagra SL-4700-R shifter set is intended for 1×10-speed, 2×10-speed, or 3×10-speed Tiagra 4700 racing bike gears, depending on the version. However, it cannot be used with drop bar handlebars, only with flat handlebars. SL-4700 convince with ergonomics, good accessibility, and clear feedback when switching. They were equipped with the MTB technology Rapidfire Plus, allowing you to shift down several gears with just one stroke. Therefore, the Tiagra shifters also have the 2-way release function, in which the shift cable is released in two directions – by pulling with the index finger or pressing with the thumb. The right SL-4700 shifter is also characterized by a particularly fast pull release, the so-called instant release.

With a comfortable, ergonomic lever shape, SHIMANO TIAGRA’s SL-4700 shift lever provides intuitive and responsive shifting for flat bar road bikes. The RAPIDFIRE PLUS shift lever features smooth multi-shift action and crisp index feedback. The lever also includes SHIMANO’s OPTICAL GEAR DISPLAY, which shows riders what gear position is selected while riding.

Front derailleur: FD-4700, FD-RX400 for SL-4700, FD-4703 for SL-4703
Rear derailleur: RD-4700, RD-RX400 for SL-4700
For handlebar grips with a diameter of up to 36 mm

Optical gear indicator
Max. number of gears per shift (rear): 4 (only SL-4700)
Efficient inputs and quick access to the lever
Ergonomic lever shape and lever path
Smooth multiple shifting with clear index feedback
Size: 16 x 11 x 9.5cm
Weight: 250g

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