Kogel BSA-24 Ceramic Bottom Bracket

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2 in stock



BSA-ROAD-24 for Shimano cranks

Comes with SRAM GXP adapter for SRAM cranks.

This middle composition is compatible with Shimano/Sram GXP cranks with 24mm axle diameter and BSA threaded frames.

The main advantages of Kogel ceramic bearings:
– Guaranteed performance guarantee
– Kogel ceramic bearings are more symmetrical (ie round) and manufactured to tighter tolerances than steel bearings
– they are more efficient at transmitting power than standard bearings
– Silicon nitride (the material used to make the bearing balls) does not corrode and resists wear for an extremely long time
– BB Boost® technology
– Placing the bearings as close as possible to the arms of the cranks to increase rigidity and durability