Beto SP-003AG Fork Tire Shock Mini Air Pump

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The BETO SP-003AG shock absorber pump is equipped with a pressure gauge, a dosing valve, and a hose with an AV head. Comfortable to use and very efficient, the maximum pressure is 28 Bar / 400 PSI. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it ensures reliability and durability. It has been equipped with a special handle, which can be easily mounted on the frame, making it even easier to transport.


• Material: Aluminium Alloy

• Valve: Schrader

• Maximum Pressure: 400 Psi (28Bar)

• Weight: 147 g

• Origin: Taiwan

• Size: 24.5cm (pump), φ1.5“ (gauge)


• 1.5 inch precise industry-class gauge

• Fine-tuning pressure bleeder button

• Swivel hose for easy pumping

• 2-Stage non-leakage head

• Patented Pinch free T handle

• 400 PSI / 28 BAR capable