Air Seat Full Floating Saddle Suspension System

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What we have right here is a new innovative product that offers a huge quality-of-life improvement for your next ride. The Air Seat Full-Floating Saddle Suspension System is a lightweight and durable shock absorber for your saddle, able to maintain its stability by absorbing vibrations from: up and down, left and right, back and forth, or 360 degrees. Better yet, it is fully compatible with all kinds of bicycles and can be easily installed to be part of your saddle for an even better and more comfortable cycling experience, making sure that ‘bumpy ride’ is a thing of the past.

• Specification: L 125mm x W 54mm x H 65mm
• Weight: 250g
• Available colors: Black / Silver
• Material: Aluminum/Stainless Steel
• Manufacture Country: Taiwan
• Weight Limit: 80kg / 100kg / 120kg
*choose based on your weights:
80kg: Suggested for customers <70kg
100kg: Suggested for customers <90kg
120kg: Suggested for customers <110kg

E.g. If you are 70kg but want a harder suspension, please choose 100kg.

Patent and SGS
• Patented
• Passed 200,000 fatigue tests by SGS

*Not compatible with Tapering seatposts. Please check your seatpost and saddle before ordering.
*It’s for round (7mm×7mm) railings and has to be longer than 57mm.
*Suggest that the width of the cushion should not exceed 18 cm, and the height should not exceed 7 cm.

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Black, Silver


80kg, 100kg, 120kg